We are excited to provide you with modern, high-quality care from our dedicated team. You should expect a first rate experience while we work with you to manage and optimize your mental health. HMA strives to be the premier evidenced based psychiatric practice in Indiana.

At Harmony, we believe in gaining the strength and refining the abilities to manage the stressors in life, whether it’s for a personal matter or a relationship struggle.

Our goal is to provide quality care in a therapeutic private setting. The treatment plans integrate the latest research in psychopharmacology (medications) and psychotherapy (talk therapy).You will be able to understand, as well as resolve, the interpersonal and relationship conflicts.

Our evidence based practice combines knowledge and experience to provide care to children, adolescents and adults. We focus on preventive mental health, which involves caring for patients with a wide range of conditions requiring considerable expertise to achieve better control of symptoms and improve quality of life.

We help you establish your goals and accomplish them, and feeling better in this process. This result oriented approach draws on a wide variety of treatment options, which are customized according to your needs and preferences. The individualized treatment plans maximize both short and long-term efficiency; which will improve your abilities to care for yourself as well as your loved ones.

We promise to bring Harmony back to your life. We believe that our clinical competence will assist you in taking care of the emotional needs for yourself and your family. We wish you a healthy emotional life, and look forward working with you.

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